Pepe Carvalho

Created by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán (1939 - 2003) "Do you realise that we private eyes are the barometers of established morality? I tell you society is rotten. It doesn't believe in anything," declares Spanish private eye PEPE CARVAHLO to his friend, Biscuter, in Southern Seas (1979). Pepe is a fat and cynical eye, who may … Continue reading Pepe Carvalho

Harry Lawton

Created by Matthew Carr It's the summer of 1909, and Caruso-loving London private investigator HARRY LAWTON is hired by the widow of English explorer Randolph Foulkes, the victim of a terrorist bomb that blew him to bits while he was doing the tourist thing, sitting in a Barcelona cafe. It seems the dearly departed left a … Continue reading Harry Lawton

Felipe Marlo

by Hugh Hosch "She pulled a wad of pesetas big enough to choke a a caballa from her chaqueto pocket and dropped it on my desk." Now here's something you don't see every day! FELIPE MARLO is the only licensed taurine (bullfight) private eye in Franco’s Spain of the late 1950s, who appears in a … Continue reading Felipe Marlo

Ricardo Cupido

Created by Eugenio Fuentes One of Spain's most acclaimed writers, Eugenio Fuentes' slow burn books about enigmatic private investigator RICARDO CUPIDO. Unlike many of his counterparts, Cupido seems to be far less prone to action; he leans more towards introspection, and he apparently has a very good working relationship with the police. More striking, though, is … Continue reading Ricardo Cupido