The Lone Wolf (Michael Lanyard)

Created by Louis Joseph Vance (1879-1933) Louis Joseph Vance's MICHAEL LANYARD, better known as THE LONE WOLF, didn't start out as a private eye, but as a criminal. However, like Jack Boyle's Boston Blackie, thanks to his numerous reboots, reincarnations and re-imaginings in radio, film and television, The Lone Wolf is now remembered by many, … Continue reading The Lone Wolf (Michael Lanyard)

Milo March

Created by M.E. Chaber Pseudonym of Kendell Foster Crossen Other pseudonyms include Bennett Barlay, Christopher Monig, Richard Foster & Clay Richards (1910-1981) MILO MARCH, a former employee of both the OSS and the CIA before becoming a high-flying, globetrotting investigator for Denver-based Intercontinental Innsurance, appeared in over twenty fast-paced books by M.E. Chaber. Later in … Continue reading Milo March

John Smith (Sangster)

Created by Jimmy Sangster (2011) JOHN SMITH used to work for British Intelligence, but he decided it wasn't for him. So he blackmailed his way out, and now toils as a private investigator with an office right in the midst of swinging London in the swinging sixties. But don't expect some Carnaby Street, or anything--Smith's world … Continue reading John Smith (Sangster)

Bulldog Drummond

Created by Sapper Pseudonym of H. C. McNeile (1888-1937) "Demobilised Officer finding peace incredibly tedious would welcome diversion. Legitimate if possible; but crime of a humorous description, no objection. Excitement essential." CAPTAIN HUGH "BULLDOG" DRUMMOND, DSO, MC, Britian's immensely popular two-fisted adventurer was, in many ways, the response to the American hard-boiled school. He made … Continue reading Bulldog Drummond