Its Only Words: Private Eye by The Nips

Performed by The Nips 1978 Words and Music by Shane MacGowan This little piece of braggadocio comes from The Nips (aka “The Nipple Erotors”), a feisty little bar band that played in and around London in the late seventies, best known for their high-energy blend of punk, rockabilly, mod, R&B, ted, indie, and a slew of other influences, and … Continue reading Its Only Words: Private Eye by The Nips

Liner Notes from John Zorn’s “Spillane”

“What is this shit?" John Zorn's 1987 album Spillane, a twenty-odd minute performance piece (some of it very odd), is an aural dumpster dive, full of jagged bits of jazz, spoken word, sound effects and who knows what else, inspired by pulp fiction and in particular the works of Mickey Spillane. It's the centerpiece of the album, … Continue reading Liner Notes from John Zorn’s “Spillane”

Crime Fiction… With GUITARS!

Steve Wynn's Riding Shotgun Review by Kevin Burton Smith Okay, Riding Shotgun by singer/songwriter Steve Wynn is NOT a CD loaded with songs about private eyes. That would be too easy. Still, with its pulpy artwork and the name-dropping of every hard-boiled crime writer from Dashiell Hammettto James Ellroy, you don't have to be a great detective … Continue reading Crime Fiction… With GUITARS!