Walker Devereaux (Midnight Cab)

Created by James W. Nichol One of the most popular series, airing as part of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's The Mystery Project, was Midnight Cab, which was aired in three runs of 13 episodes, 9 episodes, and 13 episodes respectively (making a total of 35 episodes for the series).  The first series ran in 1992-93, … Continue reading Walker Devereaux (Midnight Cab)

Death Flags a Cab

Taxi-Driving Eyes (and Limos Too!) Steve Midnight by John K. Butler (Los Angeles) Fitzroy Maclean Angel by Mike Ripley (London) Walker Devereaux by James W. Nichol Ben Henry by Mike Weiss Jigger Moran by John Roeburt Red Diamond by Mark Schorr (Long Island/New York City) Gascoyne by Stanley Crawford Alphabet Hicks by Rex Stout (New … Continue reading Death Flags a Cab