Alma Rosales

Created by Katrina Carrasco Mama, don't let your babies grown up to be cowgirls? All of a sudden, female operatives for turn-of-the-century (the last one) detective agencies are hot. But some are hotter than others. Particularly bi-sexual "half-Mexican" ALMA ROSALES, a square peg in the increasingly corporate round hole that the Pinkerton Detective Agency had already … Continue reading Alma Rosales

Tom Horn

(1860-1903) "I have lived about fifteen ordinary lives. I would like to have had somebody who saw my past and could picture it to the public. It would be the most God damn interesting reading in the country." --Tom Horn Yep, that TOM HORN. The notorious Western gunman. The scout. The Indian fighter. The bounty … Continue reading Tom Horn

Charlie Siringo

(1855 – 1928) A lot of folks have tried to trace the "private eye," as we understand the term, to the American cowboy myth. While I think it actually goes back further than that, you could certainly make a case if you consider American lawman, detective and bounty hunter, CHARLIE SIRINGO. He's a fascinating character, a real-life … Continue reading Charlie Siringo

Allan J. Pinkerton and the Pinkerton Detective Agency

  To say that Allan J. Pinkerton (1819-1884) lead a colorful life is a little bit of an understatement. In his long and varied career he was called a traitor and a patriot, an outlaw and a police officer, a thug and an idealist, a left-leaning political activist fighting for the plight of the workers and … Continue reading Allan J. Pinkerton and the Pinkerton Detective Agency