Brenna Spector

Created by Alison Gaylin "Honest to God, this whole place could benefit fromĀ a good, long liquid nitrogen bath." -- Brenna's evidently not a big fan of Las Vegas ."Hyperthymestic, that's what you are..." Certainly one of the most hyped books to cross my transom in the winter of 2011/12 was Alison Gaylin's And She Was, … Continue reading Brenna Spector

Joe Kurtz

Created by Dan Simmons "On the day he was shot in the head, things were going strangely well for Joe Kurtz." -- Hard as NailsĀ  Got hard? Buffalo, New York ex-con private eye JOE KURTZ is the protagonist of a trilogy of acid-etched noirish thrillers by writer Dan Simmons that, despite their bleak worldview, never … Continue reading Joe Kurtz