Conner McBride

Created by W. L. Ripley CONNER McBRIDE is a hot shot Las Vegas security guard with a little gambling jones. That little problem (and its resulting cash flow deficit) is the reason McBride sometimes makes like a P.I. and takes on cases that don't quite pass the smell test--like when a bloodthirsty local boss charges him with … Continue reading Conner McBride

Wyatt Storme

Created by W.L. Ripley And a-hunting we will go... Bow-hunter and Vietnam vet WYATT STORME is a former Dallas Cowboy wide receiver who walked away from football at his peak, fed up with the politics of the NFL, to become a "freelance troubleshooter." Then again, Wyatt's a bit of a recluse, anyway--he prefers hunting out in … Continue reading Wyatt Storme