Conner McBride

Created by W. L. Ripley

CONNER McBRIDE is a hot shot Las Vegas security guard with a little gambling jones. That little problem (and its resulting cash flow deficit) is the reason McBride sometimes makes like a P.I. and takes on cases that don’t quite pass the smell test–like when a bloodthirsty local boss charges him with locating a certain stolen attaché case, in Double Down (2020) by W.L. Ripley.

Conner doesn’t want to be the fingerman for murder, so he figures maybe he can pull a fast one on the mobster–not exactly the smartest move he’s ever made

Not sure if this is a standalone or not, but the author, who also writes the Cole Springer and Wyatt Storme books, is a writer worth keeping an eye on.


Ripley has worked as a teacher, a college basketball coach and a sports reporter, and enjoys watching football, playing golf,  his grandkids, and enjoying a good cigar when his wife, Penny, lets him. He Ripley lives in Western Missouri with Penny, a small army of dogs.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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