Gethin Grey (Last Resorts Legal)

Created by John Lincoln Pseudonym of John Williams GETHIN GREY is a husband, a father, and a gambler, but it doesn’t take long in his debut, Fade to Grey (2019), to realize that the odds aren’t in his favour. The hapless founder of the Cardiff-based Last Resorts Legals, it’s obvious he’s a far cry from legal … Continue reading Gethin Grey (Last Resorts Legal)

Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)

Created by Rob Gittins In Rob Gittins 2014 imaginative novel, The Poet and the Private Eye, it's New York City, 1953, and JIMMY, a rough-around-the-edges private eye, is hired by Con, the attorney for a big, weekly national magazine (Time, anyone?) to do a "simple tail job," which consists of digging up whatever he can … Continue reading Jimmy (The Poet and the Private Eye)