Mortimer Jones

Created by William Campbell Gault MORTIMER JONES, sometimes referred to as "Jonesy," is a private gumshoe outta Los Angeles, big of shoulder and stout of heart, coiurtesy of the always readable William Campbell Gault. An obvious dry-run for Gault's Brock Callahan, he's fond of beer and classic cars. Hell, he drives a Duesenberg, which gave … Continue reading Mortimer Jones

Pierre Apoyan

Created by William Campbell Gault (1910-97) Armenian-American PIERRE APOYAN is a former boxer making a career change. After slugging it out in sixteen amateur and two professional bouts as "Pistol Pete", and three years working for a large detective agency in Los Angeles, he's decided to go out on his own, opening up a one-man … Continue reading Pierre Apoyan

Brock Callahan

Created by William Campbell Gault (1910-97) One of the best, and also one of the very last P.I. writers to have truly written for the pulps (he wrote over 300 short stories for them), William Campbell Gault created ex-LA Rams guard turned Beverly Hills private eye BROCK "THE ROCK" CALLAHAN. One of the first of … Continue reading Brock Callahan

The Fictioneers

Role Call The Fictioneers was a social club for about twenty-five or so Southern California pulp writers established in the thirties, many of whom wrote for Black Mask. The informal club was founded by crime writers Cleve F. Adams and W.T. Ballard. The boys would meet monthly at the Nikobob CafĂ© at the corner of … Continue reading The Fictioneers