Dave Barrett (Manhunter)

Created by Sam H. Rolfe Taciturn DAVE BARRETT was an ex-WWI marine turned bounty hunter who goes up against a Bonnie-and-Clyde team of bank robbers who murdered his former girlfriend (and his dog!) in Manhunter, a 1974 TV movie. Dave was played by Ken Howard, later to star as television's The White Shadow. Killed his … Continue reading Dave Barrett (Manhunter)

Hon. James Clarkson-Parry

Created by B.G. Quin (1891--) A bit late to the party, perhaps, but the very Holmesian detective THE HONORABLE┬áJAMES CLARKSON-PARRY first showed up in The Death Box (1929), already almost fully formed. It didn't take him long to nab a Watson to narrate his adventures, and suffice it to say that he had the Holmes-sized … Continue reading Hon. James Clarkson-Parry