Michael Devitt & Christina Towne (Two of Diamonds)

Created by Keith Johnson Once upon a time, there was a Canadian television show (syndicated in the U.S.) called Diamonds (1987-89), that asked us to go all meta, and imagine two television actors,┬áMICHAEL DEVITT and CHRISTINA TOWNE, who once starred together on a hit television show called "Two of Diamonds," about two private eyes married … Continue reading Michael Devitt & Christina Towne (Two of Diamonds)

Sam Turner

Created by John Baker According to his creator, John Baker, "SAM TURNER is a world weary British PI working out of York, England. He's a loner, still looking for THE woman, though he's now way over his sell-by-date. He's got a head full of Bob Dylan and old-fashioned ideas about justice and compassion. Pet hates … Continue reading Sam Turner