Samson O’Brien

Created by Julia¬†Chapman A new series, dubbed "The Dales Detective Mysteries," initially published in the U.K., seems to be a blend of the hard-boiled (via Robert Galbraith) and the English romantic cozy. In Date with Death (2017), we meet police officer SAMSON O'BRIEN, who feels he's been ousted from the force unfairly. But he's not … Continue reading Samson O’Brien

Neal Carey

Created by Don Winslow (1953--) NEAL CAREY is a New York street kid turned bookworm and reluctant sometime-P.I. Living on his own after the death of his mother, Neal wasn't exactly raised by wolves, but it was close. The young street rat was apprehended by one Joe Graham when he tried to pick Joe's pocket. … Continue reading Neal Carey

Jackson Brodie

Created by Kate Atkinson Hailing originally from Yorkshire, Cambridge (and later Edinburgh) moody, broody private investigator JACKSON BRODIE is many things: an ex-cop, an ex-soldier, an ex-husband, a weekend dad and a man who knows what it's like be dragged through the emotional wringer of life. Which is why this series by Whitbread Award winner … Continue reading Jackson Brodie