Morgan Sheppard

Created by Chris McGeorge


At the tender young age of eleven, MORGAN SHAPPARD became famous as the “Child Detective” for solving the murder of a teacher whose death had previously been ruled a suicide.

Now he’s all all grown up, and finds himself known as the “Resident Detective.” Sounds impressive, but he’s really just the host of a cheesy British reality show, where he swims through the swamp of daytime TV, seeking the answers to such burning questions as “Who is the father?,” “Is your hubby cheating on you?” and “Did your step-daughter steal your brooch?”

No wonder he drinks.

But things take a definite hop when he wakes up, hungover and handcuffed, in a London hotel room along with five strangers and a stiff in the bathtub, in Guess Who (2018), a cheeky twist on the old locked-room trick.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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