Claire DeWitt’s Other Cases

Cases mentioned in the novels,
but so far unrecorded…

Yeah, I know… Sara Gran’s Claire DeWitt is one of the most original private eyes to ever snort a line of coke, empty somebody else’s medicine cabinet or crack a case.

Her metaphysical stomping up and down the mean streets of her occasionally imaginary world is fraught with mysteries of all kinds, and there just aren’t enough tarot cards, stolen Percosets or dime bags to solve them all.

Some of the following cases are mentioned in passing in the novels, and some are lightly touched upon, while others are mentioned frequently, and in great detail — emotional touchstones Claire can’t quite leave alone or forget. And, like the girl detectives in the books Claire and her friends were obessed with, each case is mentioned in upper case, as though it were the title of a book.

Presumably they’ve all been solved, although, like Claire herself, the resolutions may occasionally be a little hazy and not exactly linear…

  • The Case of the Baghdad Bandit
  • The Case of the Missing Miners
  • The Case of the Girl Gone Missing
  • The Case of the Broken Levees
  • The Case of the Missing Miniature Horses
  • The Case of the Kali Yuga
  • The Case of the End of the World
  • The Case of the Green Parrot
  • The Case of the Dove with Broken Wings
  • The Case of the Misunderstood Academic
  • The Case of the Broken-In Bodega
  • The Case of the Silver Pearl
  • The Case of the Omens of No Tomorrow
  • The Case of the Misunderstood Manager
  • The Case of the Murdered Madam
  • The Case of the Kleptomaniacal Occultist
  • The Case of the Suspicious Sideshow Performer
List respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith. Have I missed any?

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  1. Will there ever be a book 4 to answer some of the questions posed in the first three Claire DeWitt mysteries?

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