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The short-lived 1950 radio program Sara’s Private Capers was a bit of an oddity — it was a spinoff from The Adventures of Sam Spade radio show starring Howard Duff, then at the peak of its popularity.

Sara Berner starred as SARA, a devoted fan of the show who worked as a police department stenographer. Bored with her job, she moonlighted as an amateur sleuth to solve crimes. The show was billed as “a satire on private detective stories,” but only lasted eleven episodes, apparently a result of multiple title changes prior to its premiere, and some confusion on the part of its producers as to whether to market the show as a mystery, comedy, or drama.

Berner was a film, radio and television actress best known for her role as telephone operator Mabel Flapsaddle on The Jack Benny Program, and for her vocal work in cartoons, including the voices of Andy Panda, Chilly Willy and Jerry in Tom and Jerry.


    (1950, NBC)
    11 episodes
    Starring Sara Berner as SARA
    Also starring Bob Sweeney, Ed Fields,  Herb Vigran
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