Jessie Cole

Created by T.R. Ragan
Pseudonyms include Theresa Ragan

Troubled Sacramento, California, private eye JESSIE COLE specializes in searching for missing persons, but no case haunts her more than that of her own sister, Sophie, who disappeared ten years ago, leaving Jessie to raise her teenage daughter.

In the promising series debut, the plot-filled Her Last Day (2017), Ben Morrison, a crime reporter still mentally and emotionally fragile from a car wreck years ago that’s left him with giant memory lapses, approaches Jessie about doing a series of articles on the search for the still missing Sophie, and Jessie agrees, figuring something originally overlooked may pop up.

It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Meanwhile, Jessie also has to contend with the unexpected return of her cop former lover, and the serial killer he’s on the hunt for. And then there’s that little matter of the unarmed stalker she just shot.


The author, a former legal secretary, has sold more than two million books and is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseler, writing thrillers, as well as medieval time-travel tales, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense as Theresa Ragan. She’s also written several books featuring Lizzy Gardner, another Sacramento private eye.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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