Kat Colorado

Created by Karen Kijewski According to the publisher's blurb on her debut, Katwalk (1988), Sacramento, California's KAT COLORADO is a "wise-cracking, thirty-something California bartender-turned-P.I., a curious cat with nine lives... and a passion for pushing the scales of justice in the right direction." I don't know about the passion for justice, but the spunky thirty-something … Continue reading Kat Colorado

Jessie Cole

Created by T.R. Ragan Pseudonyms include Theresa Ragan Troubled Sacramento, California, private eye JESSIE COLE┬áspecializes in searching for missing persons, but no case haunts her more than that of her own sister, Sophie, who disappeared ten years ago, leaving Jessie to raise her teenage daughter. In the promising series debut, the plot-filled Her Last Day … Continue reading Jessie Cole