Bubba Simms

Created by Mitch Alderman

Ex-sheriff turned Bronco-riding, head-butting Central Florida P.I. BUBBA SIMMS is the star of a series of entertaining short stories by Mitch Alderman which have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine.

Shows you what a little perseverance and elbow grease can do — the tenth in the series, “Fear of the Secular”  which appeared in the November/December 2018 issue of AHMM, was a Shamus finalist for Best Short Story.


  • “The Rock in the Orange Grove” (June 2003, AHMM)
  • “Burnt Wood” (July/August 2004, AHMM)
  • “Yellow Bear Is Missing” (September 2005, AHMM)
  • “Sudden Stop” (November 2006, AHMM)
  • “No Picnic” (January/February 2007, AHMM)
  • “Family Values” (June 2008, AHMM)
  • “Requiem for Antlers” (January/February 2010, AHMM)
  • “Eureka” (December 2012, AHMM)
  • “Bleak Future” (March/April 2017, AHMM)
  • “Fear of the Secular” (November/December 2018, AHMM)
Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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