Dan Sharp

Created by Jeffrey Round

When we first meet him in Lake on the Mountain (2013), winner of the 2013 Lambda Literary Award for Gay MysteryDAN SHARP is a single dad and missing persons investigator in Toronto who offers a few twists. Not only is he gay, but more amazingly, perhaps, his child is a boy!

In a genre overcrowded with clueless detective dads struggling to patch up tattered relationships with moody, unstable (but always precocious) teenage daughters, it’s almost a relief to meet Ked, who seems –so far — to be a relatively well-adjusted kid. Not bad for a kid who was the result of too much alcohol and Dan’s one and only attempt at sex with a woman.

As it is, Dan shares custody with Ked’s mother, and everything’s theoretically hunky-dory. But hey, we’re talking crime fiction here, and  this ain’t no romance dressed up in P.I. drag –this is the real deal.

Dan is a private eye, and so we get to follow him as he gets into all sorts of private eye-type shenanigans involving missing persons, the sex trade, snooty Torontonians, the gay community, various serial killers, Queen City cowboys, kidnappers and a crack-smoking mayor.

Oh, and at least initially, his commitment-phobic sometime-partner Bill, who has a thing for sleazy pickups, drugs, and sex a little bit rougher than Dan signed up for.

Fortunately for Dan, rumours are that Dan trades up, in this tough, popular series…


  • “Jeffrey Round is the gay Margaret Atwood!”
    — Luba Goy


Preliminary report by Kevin Burton Smith. Suggested by Pekka and Josh Lanyon.


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