Peter Quint

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner

In 1941, Erle Stanley Gardner wrote a little mini-series of three related stories for the Saturday Evening Post featuring PETER QUINT, a fast-talking salesman with “a line of sales talk that would make the Statue of Liberty drop the lamp to grab a fountain pen.”

The stories, according to Gardner fan bobtoomey9545 have “a similar feel to the clever con artist stories Gardner wrote about characters like Paul Pry and Lester Leith, but without the crime content. As far as I know, these stories have never been reprinted, but they’re a lot of fun.”

So I’m not even sure if he qualifies as a detective, never mind a private eye, but hell, it’s Gardner! Why take a chance?


  • “The Last Bell on the Street” (May 3, 1941)
  • “That’s a Woman for You!” (May 31, 1941)
  • “The Big Squeeze” (November 15, 1941)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to bobtoomey9545 for the hoy tip.

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