Sabrina & Hilton Shire

Created by E.D. Bird

A self-published novel by Elaine D. Bird, a Scottish writer living in Zimbabwe, Goldenviron: The First Encounter (2011) follows private investigator SABRINA SHIRE, who’s hired a woman to find out who murdered her husband Ben Curl, apparently the only shareholder in a giant mining company, Goldenviron, in an apparently-unnamed African nation.

The story kicks in with Sabrina hospitalized, coming out of a coma after a suspicious car accident, wondering how she got there (a true noir opening), while her husband, HILTON SHIRE, and her two younger brothers, Jordan and Kyle, take up the case, and find themselves caught up in a poisonous web of corporate skullduggery and corruption.

But *SPOILER ALERT* Sabrina doesn’t survive. In the 2014 sequel, Bitter Sweet, Hilton, now officially a licensed private investigator, and his brother-in-laws set out to avenge Sabrina; a quest that has them squaring off against assorting two-legged and four-legged animals, and takes them as far as Barbados.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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