Ishmael & David Odihambo

Created by Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ (1971--) “If you want the truth you must go to its source. The truth is in the past. Come to Nairobi.” -- the anonymous tip that sets things off in Nairobi Heat When we first meet ISHMAEL in Mũkoma wa Ngũgĩ's 2011 bloody but eye-opening novel, Nairobi Heat, he's a police detective from Madison, Wisconsin, … Continue reading Ishmael & David Odihambo

Welling Waki Oloo

Created by J.N. Catanach Pseudonym of Henry Pelham Burn Kenya believe it? An African eye! In J.N. Catanach's Brideprice, it's 1978, and Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first Black president is in charge. Meanwhile, twenty-two year-old Stephanie Duncan has just returned to Kenya for the first time in twelve years, still unsure as to why she was … Continue reading Welling Waki Oloo

Rae Valentine

Created by Mike Nicol & Joanne Hichens RAE VALENTINE first popped up in Out To Score (2006), co-written by Mike Nicol and Joanne Hichens in a small cameo, and showed up again in 2009's Cape Greed (this time credited to "Sam Cole," a joint pen name for Nicol and Hichens),again in a supporting role. But when … Continue reading Rae Valentine

Joe Sabuni (aka Jonas Kilmani)

Created by Tish Farrell JONAS KILMANI  is a young man in the fictional African nation of Mbogono, and he's by no means a natural detective. But when his uncle Micah offers him a job tracking down a guy who owes him money, Jonah jumps at the chance -- after all, he has student loans to pay, … Continue reading Joe Sabuni (aka Jonas Kilmani)

John Daka

Created by John Chitambo Private investigator JOHN DAKA is on the trail of a beautiful missing woman, in this YA novel from the 1990s, part of the "Pacesetters" series, written by Zimbabwe author John Chitambo. The Pacesetters series was a collection of works of popular fiction for young adult readers written by notable African authors, and published … Continue reading John Daka

African Eyes

Not particularly a growth industry, perhaps, but the "Dark Continent" has provided more interesting (and much more varied) eyes than you might suspect. And there seem to be more and more of them coming out... always a good sign. BOTSWANA Precious Ramotswe by Alexander McCall Smith EGYPT Makana by Parker Bilal (Cairo) KENYA Welling Waki … Continue reading African Eyes

Sabrina & Hilton Shire

Created by E.D. Bird A self-published novel by Elaine D. Bird, a Scottish writer living in Zimbabwe, Goldenviron: The First Encounter (2011) follows private investigator SABRINA SHIRE, who's hired a woman to find out who murdered her husband Ben Curl, apparently the only shareholder in a giant mining company, Goldenviron, in an apparently-unnamed African nation. The story kicks in with Sabrina … Continue reading Sabrina & Hilton Shire

Emma Djan

Created by Kwei Quartey Best known for his acclaimed series featuring Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of the police in Accra, Ghana, author Kwei Quartey lit out for new territory in the Edgar-nominated, Shamus-winning The Missing American (2020), when he introduced former police officer turned private investigator EMMA DJAN. Ex-cops turned private eyes (especially disgraced ones) are, of … Continue reading Emma Djan