The 1000th Post

A Progress Report

As I write this, on November 2, 2019, I’ve just posted the 1000th post to our new location, still optimistically titled The (New) Thrilling Detective Web Site. The 999th post was a long-overdue entry on Scooby-Doo, and the milestone post was a My Scrapbook post on Raymond Chandler’s Military Records — as good an illustration of the range of this site as any.

Of course, the transfer of the site to its new home is an ongoing concern, sparked on by my own obsessions (is PICPD a thing?)and the occasional bit of support from advertisers, donors and the kindness of strangers — it’s them who really keep the site going. To them, as always, a sincere and heart-felt thanks.

As of now, I’m slightly behind schedule, not due to any slacking on my part (well, hardly any) so much as to the tremendous amount of P.I.-related stuff that keeps flying in over the transom, often unsolicited but always received with gratitude.

But don’t worry, diehards — the original (classic?) site still exists, at its original location, at least for now, but it’s no longer being updated, except for links that will lead to this site.

Well, that’s about it.
See you in another 1000,
Kevin Burton Smith

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  1. Congratulations, Kevin. This is a site you can be so proud of. Looking forward to the future—with you.

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