Nick Heller

Created by Joseph Finder

Here’s a private eye who’s coming in the sideways. Or is that private spy?

NICK HELLER is ex-Special Forces, a bad ass with a background in intelligence who doesn’t like to not know — or to lose. In other words, don’t fuck with him.

He’s makes his living now as a private investigator, but he’s not your average gumshoe. No background checks or divorce work for this dick–he akes his living doing the same sort of work that he used to do for the government, only now he’s a “corporate intelligence specialist” working for a private agency and for a lot more money, on behalf of corporations and politicians and even occasionally a government or two.

And now he’s not constrained by any of those pesky laws that once held him back.

Nick made his debut in Vanished (2009), dragged reluctantly into a scandal involving his own family. By the time of the sequel, Buried Secrets (2011), Nick’s returned to his old home town of Boston to set up his own shop with his own “crew.”




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