Michael Flint

Created by Diane Capri From the keyboard of the frigheningly prolific indie author Capri (The Hunt for Jack Reacher, etc.) comes yet another series, this one following former spy turned two-fisted heir hunter MICHAEL FLINT, who "promises he can find anyone, anytime, anywhere–dead or alive." NOVELS Blood Trails (2022) | Buy the book | Buy the audio | Kindle it! Trace Evidence … Continue reading Michael Flint

Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

Created by Matt Nix When the tough get burned, the burned get going... When spies get fired, they don't get a pink slip or a form letter from human resources. They get a "burn notice" and became untouchable. In the USA Network series Burn Notice (2007-13), Jeffrey Donovan played MICHAEL WESTEN, a handsome, young, yogurt-loving former … Continue reading Michael Westen (Burn Notice)

John Steel

Created by ??     Initially, JOHN STEEL was a "Special Agent" working for British Intelligence during World War II. Prior to the war, he'd been a sergeant in the London Police, but when duty called, he did not hesitate. He tried to enlist in 1939, only to be denied. That didn't stop him, though--he promptly … Continue reading John Steel

Milo March

Created by M.E. Chaber Pseudonym of Kendell Foster Crossen Other pseudonyms include Bennett Barlay, Christopher Monig, Richard Foster & Clay Richards (1910-1981) MILO MARCH, a former employee of both the OSS and the CIA before becoming a high-flying, globetrotting investigator for Denver-based Intercontinental Innsurance, appeared in over twenty fast-paced books by M.E. Chaber. Later in … Continue reading Milo March

John Smith (Sangster)

Created by Jimmy Sangster (2011) JOHN SMITH used to work for British Intelligence, but he decided it wasn't for him. So he blackmailed his way out, and now toils as a private investigator with an office right in the midst of swinging London in the swinging sixties. But don't expect some Carnaby Street, or anything--Smith's world … Continue reading John Smith (Sangster)

Donald Free (Private Detective 62)

Created by Raoul Whitfield Pseudonyms include Ramon Decolta and Temple Field (1896-1945) A trio of short stories by Raoul Whitfield that appeared in Black Mask in 1932 related the adventures of DONALD FREE, a disgraced government agent forced to accept work at a particularly seedy private detective agency. Perhaps more significantly, though, was that the stories … Continue reading Donald Free (Private Detective 62)

Nick Heller

Created by Joseph Finder Here's a private eye who's coming in the sideways. Or is that private spy? NICK HELLER is ex-Special Forces, a bad ass with a background in intelligence who doesn't like to not know -- or to lose. In other words, don't fuck with him. He's makes his living now as a … Continue reading Nick Heller

Doc Ford

Created by Randy Wayne White Pseudonyms include Randy Stryker and Carl Ramm MARION "DOC" FORD is the protagonist of several novels by Fort Meyers fishing guide, Outside magazine columnist and former cheezoid potboiler author (under the names Randy Stryker and Carl Ramm) Randy Wayne White. Ford is a former government agent/triggerman who currently runs a … Continue reading Doc Ford

Robert McCall (The Equalizer)

Created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer. 212-555-4200. Sort of an update of the old TV western Have Gun, Will Travel. Need justice? Wire McCall, Manhattan. That was the premise of The Equalizer, which ran on CBS from 1985 to 1989. Cynical, disillusioned and guilt-ridden, former secret … Continue reading Robert McCall (The Equalizer)

McGill (Man in a Suitcase)

Created by Richard Harris and Dennis Spooner Distraught woman: "Ah! You're a detective! A cheap, prying flat-footed peephole specialist!" McGill: "I'm not cheap." Imagine Richard Kimball of The Fugitive with a P.I. ticket. Or maybe Burn Notice (the first few seasons, anyway) set in the swinging sixties. Or maybe even Jack Reacher, but with luggage... McGILL (aka … Continue reading McGill (Man in a Suitcase)