Craig McKenzie

Created by M.S. Marble
Pseudonym of Margaret Strauss

In her first novel, Everybody Makes Mistakes (1947), the M.S. Marble relates the story of Red Kennedy, a hotshot Hollywood press agent loses a client to another agent, only for the client to be murdered.

And the number one suspect? Craig, of course, who enlists the aid of Tinseltown gumshoe CRAIG McKENZIE to clear both himself and his “favourite entertainer.”

Kirkus suggest there’s “plenty red herring as a side dish” in this one.

Not much is known about M.S. Marble, except that it was a pseudonym of Margaret Sharp (or is it Strauss?), and she was involved in theatre in Ventura County, California, as both an actress and a playwright. According to the Oxnard Press, she was “A writer of many plays, she was working on a three-act play when she became ill. She was the wife of Saticoy rancher and television announcer Dana Marble.”

She evidently wrote at least two other detective novels in the years after World War II, including Die By Night (1947), featuring “crime researcher” Joe Gaylord.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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