Max Hale

Created by George Harmon Coxe

Charming, well-dressed, well-off and single, Boston blueblood MAX CHAUNCEY HALE is only a private eye as a sort of hobby, although he has been to the State Police Academy.

He’s certainly not working very hard at it — he’s only taken three or four jobs in the two years his long-suffering, sardonic secretary Sue Marshall has been with him.

Then again, he doesn’t need the money, coming from a “good” Beantown family. So it usually takes a bit of nagging from a very bored Sue before he’ll even take a case.

The prolific writer Coxe has several other PI series characters, including Sam Crombie, Leon Morley and Jack Fenner, as well as his best known creations, crime photographers, Flashgun Casey and Kent Murdock who are basically private eyes with cameras.


  • “Hale plays ducks and drakes with police, smart set, and some small-time thugs. Wham bam action — good reading..”
    — Kirkus Review on Murder for the Asking



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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