Valentijn Rixtus Bentinck (Heer en meester)

Created by Willem Zijlstra "Every day is Valentine’s Day!" When we first meet charming adventurer and sometime "voluntary" private detective VALENTIJN RIXTUS BENTINCK VALENTINE in the very first episode of the Dutch  television series Here en mister  ("Lord and Master" in English), he's crashing an elegant party riding a hot air balloon. As one does... … Continue reading Valentijn Rixtus Bentinck (Heer en meester)

Dino LaStanza

Created by O'Neil De Noux "I always get them. Always." Although this long-running series started out with him as a determined, no-nonsense New Orleans Homicide Detective, DINO LaSTANZA becomes a private investigator following the events in New Orleans Homicide (2013), and is a full-fledged private eye by the seventh novel, The Blue Nude (2013). In … Continue reading Dino LaStanza

Ashe Cayne

Created by Ian K. Smith What is this shit? Seriously... I’m told the author is a popular TV doctor with a string of diet books and novels to his name, but this is not the genre’s finest hour. The Unspoken (2020), the series launch, is inept, smugly derivative and ultimately offensive to almost anyone who has … Continue reading Ashe Cayne

If I Were a Rich Man…

Millionaire Eyes This site makes a point out of listing detectives who make trouble their business, not their hobby. But these men of means (by all means) have that luxury, taking on only the cases that interest them... So, uh, evidently they didn't get the memo... Nestor Dark by Arthur Rosenfeld Doc Egg by Day … Continue reading If I Were a Rich Man…

Doc Egg

Created by Day Keene Pseudonym of Gunnar Hjerstedt Other pseudonyms include Lewis Dixon, William Richards, Daniel White, John Corbett & Donald King (1904-1969) Are you frickin' kidding me? I've occasionally stretched the boundaries of the definition of what a private eye is to the breaking point on this site, but this? A "bright-eyed, bald little man … Continue reading Doc Egg

Max Hale

Created by George Harmon Coxe (1901-84) Charming, well-dressed, well-off and single, Boston blueblood MAX CHAUNCEY HALE is only a private eye as a sort of hobby, although he has been to the State Police Academy. He's certainly not working very hard at it -- he's only taken three or four jobs in the two years his … Continue reading Max Hale