Brady Coyne

Created by William G. Tapply

BRADY COYNE is a Boston lawyer, but the books featuring him have very little to do with legal hijinks. He does, however, get involved in a lot of shit, sometimes as a corollary to his legal practice, but more often as a favor to a friend or out of simple curiosity/outraged sense of honor, as in Cutter’s Run (1998), arguably the best and certainly the toughest of the series.

And he’s an affable kind of guy. His favorite fishing buddy is the Rick Boyer’s hard-boiled dentist Doc Adams, who has yet to appear in a Coyne novel, but is mentioned in every book in the series, and he’s appeared in several books alongside Phil Craig’s Jeff Jackson.”

Coincidentally, all these guys qualify as private eyes by your definition (and certainly by mine) as “one involved in an investigation for a private party or for private reasons.” Like early Perry Mason, Brady seems to favor a hands-on approach to criminal justice.



Respectfully submitted by Paul Bergin. And thanks to Mike Morris for the tip.

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