Nick Blade

Created by Edward Churchill
Pseudonym o Edward C. Off

Pulpster Edward Churchill’s NICK BLADE was yet another P.I. from the heyday of the pulps who never quite made it to bonafide series status, appearing only twice.

Still, someone must have thought highly of him or his author — his debut was featured on the particularly striking (ie: I liked it) front cover of the September 1948 issue of Popular Detective. Or the other stories were even lamer.

Sadly, the LA private dick’s second and final appearance was several years later, in the pages of Triple Detective.

Edward Churchill (born Edward C. Off) was a pulp fiction writer who contributed to many pulp magazines, most notably G-Men Detective, where he wrote several stories featuring Dan Fowler (the “Ace of the FBI”), under both his own name and using the house name of C.K.M. Scanlon, and another series featuring Ogden L. “Pee Wee” Holmes, an actual G-Man. He also wrote a couple of stories starring husband and wife sleuth team Nick & Sue Burney for Popular Detective.

Hmmm… Churchill musta liked the name “Nick”…


  • “Death Halts a Holiday” (September 1948, Popular Detective)
  • “Talk About Murder” (Spring 1952, Triple Detective)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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