Case Morgan

Created by Don Lomax

Case Morgan Gumshoe Private Eye is the rather redundant running title of a string of comic shorts that appeared in skin mags, most notably Gent (“Home of the D-Cups”!) in the 1980’s, written and drawn by Don Lomax.

Of course, the outlandish, albeit sparse, plots are really just an excuse to depict the amorous adventures of lecherous private dick CASE MORGAN, a bearded gent who just happens to be particularly well endowed (of course). Almost all women in the strip have obscenely humungous breasts (of course), and are in dire need (of course) of Case’s special talents. And he’s always “up” for the job. Of course.

“And,” as they say, “that’s just the way it goes for a gumshoe private eye like Case Morgan.”

Possibly the ultimate nadir of the comic book private eye, juvenile and offensive in, oh, so many ways. They might have gotten away with it if only they’d been funnier. Or funny.

But of course some guys go in for this kinda stuff, and so they were later collected and reprinted in the early nineties by Apple Press’ Forbidden Fruit, a small comic book imprint specializing in “adult” comics. Each issue contained a half dozen or so of Case’s  raucous “sexcapades.”

Don Lomax is an American comic book writer/artist best known for his long-running comic Vietnam Journal, which drew praise for its “gritty, unflinching depiction” of the reality of that war. But earlier in his career, he also supplied comics stories for men’s magazines like Cavalier, Hustler Humor, Hogtie and Gent.


  • “Case Morgan, Guidance Counselor” (July 1981, Gent)
  • “Panic in the Skies” (February 1982, Gent)
  • “The Case of the Elephant Woman” (June 1982, Gent)
  • “A Fishy Tale” (August 1982, Gent)
  • “The Zombie’s Return” (October 1982, Gent)
  • “The Case of the little Red Pinko Spy” (November 1982, Gent)
  • “The Case of Dr. Vivisect” (December 1982, Gent)
  • “The Case of the Wired Magician” (February 1983, Gent)
  • “The Case of the Snob-City Rapist” (April 1983, Gent)
  • “South of the Border Where The Titty Freaks Thrive” (May 1984, Gent)
  • “The International Free-Style Balloon Regatta for Carnal Malcontents” (September 1984, Gent)
  • “The Case of Commissioned Sex” (January 1990, Gent)
  • “Environmentally Unsound”
  • “Zillion Dollar Falsies”
  • “The Episode at Fat Chance”
  • “The Case of the Diabolical”
  • “Tinskinned Avenger”
  • “Senior Bikers From Hell”
  • “The Case of the Amazon Ambush”
  • “…And See Your Dentist Twice A Year”
  • “Motel Psycho”
  • “The Case Of Hippo Hattie And The Hanover Harlots”
  • “House To House”
  • “The Case Of The Snob-City Rapist”
  • “W.B.A.D. F.M. – Shouldering The Burden”
  • “The Case Of The Sordid Sewer Screwers”
  • “The Case Of Tits Anonymous”
  • “The Case Of The Righteous Snatch”
  • “The Case Of The Elephant Woman”
  • “Stick-Up”
  • “The Case Of The Birdcaged Beaver”
  • “Sluts, Feuds, and Federal Dudes”
  • “The Case Of The Fat Ranch Assailant”
  • “The Case Of Little Red Pinko Spy”
  • “The Temple Of Mammalian Delight”
  • “The Case Of The Wired Magician”
  • “The Case Of Dr. Vivisect”
  • “The Case Of The Maternity Ward Menace”
  • “The Case Of The Stiff Stuffer”
  • “1984 State Of The Art”
  • The Case Of The Runaround”
  • “The Case Of Alla-Ben-Fatso And The Prisoner Of The Lamp”


    (1991-92, Apple Press/Forbidden Fruit)
    Black & white
    Written and drawn by Don Lomax
    Eleven issues, containing reprints.

    (2011, Sexy Sluggers)
    9 pages
    Billed as an “ALL-NEW ADVENTURE OF CASE MORGAN, GUMSHOE PRIVATE EYE!,” this nine-page story was published as a pdf file in 2011.


  • Case Morgan Gumshoe Private Eye (2022)
    144 pages of the classic B&W comics and 20 pages of the color comics Lomax created for Cavalier and Velvet.


Respectfully submitted (snicker, snicker) by Kevin Burton Smith.

10 thoughts on “Case Morgan

  1. I enjoyed your review of CASE MORGAN GUMSHOE PEIVATE EYE. It was right on target. It was a 4 pg B&W strip that ran for several years in GENT MAGAZINE. The stories were light weight and the whole premise was to get the female characters naked and sexually active as quickly, preferably in the first couple of panels. Even better, start off with them naked. He was a chauvinistic turd and wouldn’t fly anymore even if there were skin magazines out there that published adult comics. I am not sorry I drew the strip. It was the golden age of adult magazines from the 70s through the 90s and I am glad I was part of it. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Kevin.

    Don Lomax (that’s right I’m still alive, hard to believe, ain’t it?)

  2. Hi Guys! Just a reminder that you can buy “Case Morgan”–the new edition with a new cover by Don–at the Comics4Pervs Storefront ( and Drive-Thru Comics ( Drive-Thru will be selling the book as a paperback soon! The new edition features a new introduction by my grampa Mase Corgan (after whom the character was named).

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