Franz (Le jeu avec le feu)

Created by Alain Robbe-Grillet (1922-2008) Eeeewwwww... Breasts! Orgies! Dream sequences! Le jeu avec le feu (1975) is a prime slab of misogynist French erotica, courtesy of experimental, avante-garde film-maker Alain Robbe-Grillet, who squeezes in all his usual kinks--lots of beautiful (and naked) women, plenty of bondage, a little incest, a little S&M, a little rape, … Continue reading Franz (Le jeu avec le feu)

Patrick Hardy

Created by Martin Meyers (1934-2014) "Breasts to the left of him, breasts to the right..." -- Patrick notices these things (from Spy and Die) New York's PATRICK HARDY is your "classic, 1970's paperback private eye", according to Max Allan Collins, in his intro to the 1998 anthology Private Eyes that he co-edited with Mickey Spillane, … Continue reading Patrick Hardy

Timothy Lea

Created by Timothy Lea Pseudonym of Christopher Wood  (1935-2015) Part of a long-running string of "autographical" slap-and-tickle soft-core paperbacks by Britsh writer Timothy Lea, Confessions of a Private Dick (1975), found series regulars TIMOTHY LEA and his brother-in-law Sid once more unemployed. Not too surprising, perhaps, given that they're not exactly the sharpest chisels in the … Continue reading Timothy Lea

X-Rated Eyes

Dirty Eyes & Other Not-So-Private Dicks There's always been a certain amount of sexual hijinks in the world of private detective fiction, right from the start. I mean, come on. "Private dick"? Really? You don't have to be an English major to suss that one out. Want more proof? Read early reviews of Dashiell Hammett's … Continue reading X-Rated Eyes

Case Morgan

Created by Don Lomax (1944--) Case Morgan Gumshoe Private Eye is the rather redundant running title of a string of comic shorts that appeared in skin mags, most notably Gent ("Home of the D-Cups"!) in the 1980's, written and drawn by Don Lomax. Of course, the outlandish, albeit sparse, plots are really just an excuse to … Continue reading Case Morgan

Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Created by Justin Welton What the world needs now is... A "porn remake" of Double Indemnity? Yes, that's exactly how A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Film Noir describes Eruption, an X-rated 1977 cinematic offering that "borrows" the set-up and even lifts some of the dialogue from the 1944 film noir classic, directed by Billy Wilder from … Continue reading Jackson Kratz (Eruption)

Bunny Quest

Created by Kent Hadley Nudge-nudge, wink-wink? This is more like nudge-nudge, clunk-clunk. BUNNY QUEST is "the best built cop in town," a "gorgeous hunk of woman in a man's trade" according to the cover in her one and only appearance in Bunny Quest: Private Eyeful, a sleazy and decidedly unliberated 1966 paperback original from Bee-Line, … Continue reading Bunny Quest