Terry Traven

Created by Geoffrey Miller

We’re heading into Ross Macdonald country here, that strange gloomy place called Southern California where lies are the common currency, and children apparently always seem to go missing.

Los Angeles gumshoe TERRY TRAVEN was once a hotshot; a minor celebrity back in the sixties who specialized in tracking down the errant offspring of the movers and shakers back in the day. But by the early eighties, business isn’t as quite as good as it once was, and the rent on his office on Melrose Avenue is due. So he reluctantly agrees to track down the missing son of a wealthy industrialist, in 1981’s well-received The Black Glove, which received quite a bit of good press when it first appeared, and earned the author an Edgar nomination for Best First Novel.

Of course, author Miller might have been blatantly begging for favorable comparisons to the hard-boiled dicks of yesteryear… Traven calls his business the Black Mask Detective Agency.

Despite all the good buzz, however, it appears there was never a sequel. The rumour was that Miller, who had worked as a pubic librarian for three decades, had recently retired and was working on his second novel. Alas, it never came to pass, and the author passed away in 2018.


  • “…The Black Glove is every bit as remarkable as the best film noirs of the 1940’s.”
    — The Detroit News
  • “Miller pretty well equals the masters — Hammett and Chandler — of the hard-boiled detective story.”
    — The Houston Post


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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