Cliff Chandler

Created by Baynard H. Kendrick
Pseudonyms include Richard Hayward

All hands on deck!

CLIFF CHANDLER was rather unique, in that he was an ocean-going ship’s detective, who specializes in protecting the welfare of transatlantic passengers on the SS Moriander, a swanky luxury liner which sailed regularly from Southampton. “Slim and debonair from crisp black hair to patent-leather pumps,” and blessed with “a quick grasp of languages” and “natural good breeding,” this dandy works out of Stateroom #114, chasing petty criminals, cardsharps, pickpockets and the like, but keeps a .38 in a Gladstone bag under his berth.

You know… just in case.

Cliff’s creator, Baynard H. Kendrick, was no stranger to unique detectives, though–he was the man behind blind private eye Captain Duncan Maclain, by far his most successful character, appearing in books, radio and film, and inspiring a television’s Longstreet.  Kendrick enjoyed a long and enduring career, and was one of the co-founders, along with Clayton Rawson, Anthony Boucher, Lawrence Treat, Helen McCloy and Brett Halliday of the The Mystery Writers of America. He was member number one of the organization, served as its first president and was named a Grand Master in 1967.


  • “Death at the Porthole” (1938, Country Home Magazine)
  • “The Eye” (Novemeber 1945, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine)
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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