Joe Fury

Created by Paul Anthony Long

Yikes! Another mash-up of trans-genre tropes!

In his one and only appearance, Joe Fury and the Hard Death (2009), hard-boiled private-eye JOE FURY takes on a kitchen sink’s worth of mix-and-match stereotypes and clichés from both the crime and fantasy fiction aisles, and in fact, the whole pulp spectrum.

Naturally, there’s a damsel in distress, but to save her, Joe will have to face down the bloodthirsty Sisters of the Immaculate Immolation (an army of killer nuns), murderous ninjas, blood-sucking vampires, evil scientists, giant robots, dinosaurs, a trip to Hell and back, Satan (what’s a trip to Hell if you don’t meet the boss?), and a double-crossing cross-dresser. And just in case you doubt that Joe’s really all that hard-boiled, and may not be up to the task, he wears a trench coat and a fedora, so there!

It’s billed–of course–as a hilarious spoof by “Paul,” an amzon reviewer, but I have my doubts.

It’s also a bit hard to believe, but this unnoticed, one-off book by an author nobody ever heard of, from a publishing company that nobody ever heard of, and that nobody even thought enough of to release digitally, is available as a used copy (in “acceptable” condition) on Amazon for a mere $923.90. Granted, the cover is sorta cool, in a cheesy, half-ass kind of way, but it’s hardly illustrator Tim Williams‘ best work.


Paul Anthony Long (possibly British) has never heard of you, either.


  • “Joe is the everyman cursing hero. Think Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone in one kick-ass combination.”
    — Oldshamus Pawson on Goodreads (this is a compliment?)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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