Max Nolan, Erotic P.I.

Created by Spenser Fortune
Pseudonym of Robert J. Randisi

Back in the seventies, MAX NOLAN (a good P.I. name, that) was an “erotic” private eye who appeared in at least four (and possibly as many as fourteen) short stories in Beaver Magazine (a low-end porn mag, not the high-end Canadian history magazine that eventually had to rename itself), written by “Spenser Fortune” and boasting such single-entendre titles as “The Missing Bust” and “Hitch Humper.”

The thing is that Spenser Fortune, it turns out, was actually PWA founder Robert Randisi.

Bob cheerfully confesses that “They were fun, and they made the mortgage payment each month that I did one.”

Oh, Bob, we hardly know ye.


  • “The Missing Bust” (Beaver Magazine)
  • “Hitch Humper” (Beaver Magazine)
  • “Title unknown” (Beaver Magazine)
  • “Title unknown” (Beaver Magazine)


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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