Calper Dennings

Created by Tom Pitts

Gary and Linda Carson are a young San Francisco couple, still reeling from a recent miscarriage, in Tom Pitts’ 2020 hard-charging standalone, Cold Water. They’ve recently relocated to a new home in a posh suburb of Sacramento, hoping to start anew….

Gary and Linda are portrayed as such a nice couple, you just have to root for them.


… a gang of petty thieves, junkies and squatters decide to the vacant house right across the street from the Carsons is the perfect place to party. Which would be bad enough, but it turns out the owner of the house is unstable sociopath Jason De Wildt, a spoiled rich kid with ties to more money and power than anyone should have, who doesn’t take kindly to complaints from the neighbours. As things turn surprisingly nasty and increasingly violent, it’s clear the Carsons are way over their heads…

Until CALPER DENNINGS, an LA-based “fixer,” sent by his boss,  arrives on the scene.

And there goes the neighbourhood…

Tom Pitts is a Canadian/American author , currently living in San Francisco. His other books include 101, American Static, Hustle, Piggyback and Knuckleball.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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