My Scrapbook: Shhhh! Spicy Reading for Librarians

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Spicy Reading for Librarians

I‘ve always said librarians rock, but I really had no idea!

Didn’t originally know who did this, (turns out it’s someone unstable genius named, appropriately enough, LisaGenius), but I love it! It’s a piece of internet detritus that’s been passed around (and around) forever, and I thought I’d post it here in My Scrapbook before it possibly disappears forever. Sometimes it bears the title “Librarian porn,” but judging from the cheesy, generic typography used for it (I cropped it off), that’s almost certainly a title slapped on post-creation by somebody with far less typographical savoir-faire or design chops than the original artist.

Even “Spicy Reading for Librarians” isn’t the title–that was just the subject head for the message on the pulp discussion group where I found it. Not that such dead-in jocularity really needs a title. Just sit back and ponder the potential literary delights found in the pages of a tome like Bibliobimbo, Girls Who Don’t Read are Skanks or Bookmobile Bad Girl.


  • Professional Library Literatures
    You can find a lot more librarian pulp by LisaGenius here, bigger and even better. Looks like the graphic up above is a montage covers swiped from this site, probably without LisaGenius’ permission. Sorta like what I’m doing…
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. And thanks to MikeN for the lead.

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