Alex Vega & Max Caplan

Created by Louisa Luna

“There was always a worse thing that you couldn’t see, and it was closer than you thought.”
— a maxim of Alex’s old boss in fugitive recovery

Wary, thirty-something loner ALEX VEGA has taken her old boss’s maxim to heart–she’s definitely a gal who sees things as half-empty, and all the yoga in the world won’t change that.  She used to work in fugitive recovery, but now she’s a private investigator, specializing in missing persons, mostly children. She lives alone in a house in Central California, but she has a gun and will travel.

She also has a partner of sorts, MAX “CAP” CAPLAN, a former Pennsylvania cop turned private eye, whom she calls in occasionally. He’s middle-aged, divorced, with a teenage daughter, Nell, he’s trying to raise with his ex, but you know it ain’t easy.

The cases Alex and Max work aren’t pretty–they’re messy and dark, and tuck neatly into Alex’s bleak worldview, but they’re hard, taut and gripping tales, full of the evil that men (and occasionally women) do.


  • “Flawless, captivating thriller with a heroine who could be the female Jack Reacher.”
    — The Times (UK)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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