Luke Fischer

Created by Craig Terlson "I ran into Franko Toledo three weeks ago while searching for a delinquent husband in Santa Fe. Truth was, his last name wasn’t Toledo. That’s just where he came from: Toledo, Spain... I never got Franko’s real last name until I saw it on his hospital bracelet." -- the first lines … Continue reading Luke Fischer

Brenna Spector

Created by Alison Gaylin "Honest to God, this whole place could benefit from a good, long liquid nitrogen bath." -- Brenna's evidently not a big fan of Las Vegas ."Hyperthymestic, that's what you are..." Certainly one of the most hyped books to cross my transom in the winter of 2011/12 was Alison Gaylin's And She Was, … Continue reading Brenna Spector

Alex Vega & Max Caplan

Created by Louisa Luna "There was always a worse thing that you couldn't see, and it was closer than you thought."-- a maxim of Alex's old boss in fugitive recovery Wary, thirty-something loner ALEX VEGA has taken her old boss's maxim to heart--she's definitely a gal who sees things as half-empty, and all the yoga in the … Continue reading Alex Vega & Max Caplan

Tom Alder (Twenty Plus Two)

Created by Frank Gruber Pseudonyms include Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston & John K. Vedder (1904-1969) Handsome, clean cut Los Angeles private investigator TOM ALDER has a house in Brentwood, a couple of nice suits, a Purple Heart, and a knack for tracking down missing heirs, in Frank Gruber's 1961 novel, Twenty Plus Two. When the … Continue reading Tom Alder (Twenty Plus Two)

Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)

Created by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) Developed for radio by Frank and Anne Hummert Robert W. Chambers was an American author who, over a long career, cranked out over seventy novels in assorted genres, mostly historical and romantic works. But in the beginning he wrote mostly fantasy and horror. In fact, his first successful work was … Continue reading Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)

Mr. Keen (Comics)

Created by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) Re-imagined by Justin Gray Okay, the big, mean-looking black dude over there to the right who calls himself MR. KEEN is definitely not your grandfather's Mr. Keen No, this "Tracer of Lost Persons"  made his debut in Moonstone's limited-run comic book series in 2003, while the original Mr. Keen was, … Continue reading Mr. Keen (Comics)

Jessica Shaw

Created by Lisa Gray Private investigator and road warrior JESSICA SHAW has been tracking down missing persons for seven years ("five in New York, and the last two on the road). She's good at her job, but she's hardened over the years, to the point where she casually divides adult missing persons into two simple, cynical … Continue reading Jessica Shaw

Naomi Cottle

Created by Rene Denfeld "Hope was a beautiful thing, Naomi thought." -- The Child Finder Egnigmatic, peculiar NAOMI COTTLE is a young private investigator with an almost supernatural knack for finding lost children. She's a determined and dogged detective, singlemindedly obsessive and willing to spend years on a case, if necessary, sleeping on friend's or client's … Continue reading Naomi Cottle