Greg and Jill McKenzie

Created by Chester D. Campbell

Church-going sixty-something GREG McKENZIE was simply a retired Air Force OSI investigator who, with the aid of his long-suffering wife, JILL, showed a penchant for solving crimes for two books.

But in the third book of the series, Deadly Illusions (2005), the detecting duo turned pro, opening up McKenzie Investigations in a strip mall on the east side of Nashville, Tennessee and taking on cases (and swapping marital barbs) as honest-to-goodness private eyes.

Campbell must be doing something right — he’s managed to nab some pretty impressive blurbs from some pretty impressive writers for a series of self-published books.

In fact, the first book in the series, Secret of the Scroll  (2002), won a 2003 Bloody Dagger Award in the Thriller/Horror category, “judged by 53 reviewers for All About Murder Reviews, a top mystery review site of that era. It was also a finalist for 2002 Foreword Magazine Mystery Book of the Year.”


  • “A thoroughly enjoyable mystery with an intelligent plot, clever clues, and characters like people you know.”
    — Philip Margolin on Designed to Kill
  • “This series keeps getting better. The McKenzies are a unique sleuthing couple. Don’t miss this one.”
    — Julia Spencer-Fleming on Deadly Illusions
  • “A fabulously quick read, a page-turner that will not disappoint.”
    — Roundtable Reviews on Deadly Illusions
  • “Picking up a short period after the very enjoyable Designed To Kill this book continues the author’s track record of strong writing, realistic characters and complex mysteries that makes this series so good. Greg and Jill are a very realistic pairing, especially to those readers that have been married quite a few years.”
    — Kevin Tipple on Deadly Illusions (



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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