Harry James Denton

Created by Steven Womack "That's 'Doctor Babe' to you." - Marsha advises Harry on the proper way to address her Former newspaperman HARRY JAMES DENTON is a Nashville cat who now makes his daily bread as a low-rent Nashville P.I., picking up whatever crumbs he can, be it repo work, workmen's comp fraud cases or other … Continue reading Harry James Denton

Sonny Hunt (Murder in Music City)

Created by Jimmy Sangster & Ernest Frankel Of course, when you think of Sonny Bono, the first thing that comes to mind is country music, right? Me neither. But in 1979, NBC tried to peddle a post-Cher Bono as Nashville private detective agency owner SONNY HUNT in the made-for-TV flick Murder in Music City. Bono … Continue reading Sonny Hunt (Murder in Music City)

Greg and Jill McKenzie

Created by Chester D. Campbell Church-going sixty-something GREG McKENZIE was simply a retired Air Force OSI investigator who, with the aid of his long-suffering wife, JILL, showed a penchant for solving crimes for two books. But in the third book of the series, Deadly Illusions (2005), the detecting duo turned pro, opening up McKenzie Investigations in a … Continue reading Greg and Jill McKenzie

Luther McGavock

Created by Merle Constiner (1902-79) LUTHER McGAVOCK was a Memphis-based private eye whose cases on behalf of agency boss Atherton Browne took him all over the rural American South. He appeared in some stories in Black Mask, all packed with peculiar goings-on, bizarre characters and oddball plots, often revolving around the most arcane bits of … Continue reading Luther McGavock

Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Created by D.P. Lyle Okay, so BOBBY CAIN and HARPER McCOY aren't your usual male/female duo of crimefighters -- they're brother and sister. More or less. "Adopted" and raised as siblings by a itinerant group of hustlers, scam artists, tramps and thieves that was at various times called "a family, a clan or a gypsy … Continue reading Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Auggie Velez-Colon

Created by Robert J. Randisi (1951 --) Guitar slinger AUGUSTO "AUGGIE" VELEZ-COLON came back from Afghanistan with a brand-new plan: music. It's taken him a while, but after eight long years, he's starting to carve a niche into Nashville's hyper-competitive music scene as an in-demand session man. But just in case, he's still working his other … Continue reading Auggie Velez-Colon


Created by James Sallis (1944--) "No one is exempt." -- Turner's mantra All TURNER wants is to put his past(s) behind him and live in peace. And we first meet him, at the the beginning of 2003's Cypress Grove, the former cop, former con and former therapist has done just that -- he's living in … Continue reading Turner

Thomas Ironcutter

Created by David Archord Okay, the monicker's a little overly earnest (was Dash Riprock already taken?), but apparently THOMAS IRONCUTTER is a bonafide P.I. This Nashville Cat's a big guy, 6'3" and over two hundred pounds; ex-Army and ex-cop turned private eye. He enjoys a good drink and a Cuban cigar now and then, and the company … Continue reading Thomas Ironcutter

Emory Rome and Jeff Goodard (Mourning Dove Investigations)

Created by Mikel J. Wilson Private investigator JEFF WOODARD is one smooth operator; a slick young man about town; tall, handsome and smart, tooling around in a spiffy red sports car. He's the owner and chief operative of his own thriving small business in Knoxville, Tennessee: Mourning Dove Investigations. There's a large tree trunk in … Continue reading Emory Rome and Jeff Goodard (Mourning Dove Investigations)