Auggie Velez-Colon

Created by Robert J. Randisi
(1951 –)

Guitar slinger AUGUSTO “AUGGIE” VELEZ-COLON came back from Afghanistan with a brand-new plan: music.

It’s taken him a while, but after eight long years, he’s starting to carve a niche into Nashville’s hyper-competitive music scene as an in-demand session man.

But just in case, he’s still working his other job as a private eye, serving paper, tailing errant spouses, snapping photos, or anything else it takes to supplement his income, in this series by P.I. maestro Robert J. Randisi.

Auggie made his first appearance, as far as I can tell, in The Session Man (2012), which was billed as “A Music City Mystery,” while the sequel, The Honky Tonk Big Hoss Boogie (2013), was billed as the first book in the “Nashville P.I. Series.”

Oh, well… it’s Bob… by the time we figure it out, he’ll have written twenty more books, and started three new series.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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