Janie ‘Strummer’ Jones (Black’s Myth)

Created by Eric Palicki (text) and Wendell Cavalcanti (art)

Come out of the closets, you boys and you girls, and meet JANIE “STRUMMER” JONES, yet another comic book werewolf P.I. 

Naturally it’s a “punk rock urban fantasy noir horror” comic–so my guess is that the P.I. end of the hybrid schtick gets the usual short shrift, but I’ll have to check it out–I’ve been wrong before. After all, Brian Michael Bendix mashed up the superhero and P.I. genres to great effect in Jessica Jones. At least there’s no fedora or trench coat in sight, although, since this is 2021, there are plenty of tats. And the black and white art on the inside is suitably noirish.

Anyway, our gal Janie’s made the mean streets of LA her home turf, when a sweetheart of a case comes sniffing at the door. Seems the City of Angels has had a sudden glut of silver bullets, and it’s up to Janie and her “charming djinn assistant” Ben Si’lat to figure out who’s going trigger happy with them, and where they’re all coming from.


    (2021, Ahoy Comics)
    Black & white

    Written by Eric Palick
    Art by Wendell Cavalcanti, Jamal Igle
    Prose stories by William Brashears, Vickie Smalls
Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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