Randall Lee

Created by Charles Colyott

“Things are oriental, Detective. People are Asian. As you say, I am neither. Just another Gwailo, like yourself.”
— Randall explains it (again) on Changes

RANDALL LEE isn’t your typical addition to these pages. Hell, when we first meet him in Changes (2010), he’s not really a private eye at all–even if he does act like Spenser on occasion. Hell, he’s just a wiseass acupuncturist and Tai Chi master living in St. Louis, with a jones for Chinese culture (her speaks it fluently). He isn’t even Chinese–as he’s fond of pointing out, he’s “Just another Gwailo.”

But then the local cops approach him, asking him to act as a translator when a young woman is murdered in a skanky massage parlor in his neighborhood.

And so it goes. In the follow-up, Pressure Point (2013), Randall sticks his nose into an official police investigation when his new friend, Detective John Knox, is brutally assaulted. And in the third, Jianghu (2013), the recent kidnapping of a young local girl finds Randall finally confronting his dark and violent past, and the murder, years earlier, of his young daughter.


Charles Colyott lives on a farm in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois with his wife, two daughters, cats, and a herd of llamas and alpacas, and complains that he’s “surrounded by so much cuteness” that he finds it difficult to maintain his reputation as a dark and gritty writer.


  • “St. Louis… The city with the shittiest excuse for a Chinatown I’ve ever seen. I like to call it China-street.”



  • The Randall Lee Mysteries (2014) Kindle it!
    Contains all three novels.
Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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