Randall Lee

Created by Charles Colyott "Things are oriental, Detective. People are Asian. As you say, I am neither. Just another Gwailo, like yourself." -- Randall explains it (again) on Changes RANDALL LEE isn't your typical addition to these pages. Hell, when we first meet him in Changes (2010), he's not really a private eye at all--even … Continue reading Randall Lee

Timothy Trench

Created by Denny O'Neil 1939-2020 "Don't move an eyelash! Me an' Lulu are gonna smoke out some skunks!" -- Tim warns Diana Prince to back off, while he does the heavy lifting, in Wonder Woman #180 Middle-aged tough guy private eye TIMOTHY TRENCH (sheesh!) was a pet project of legendary comics creator/writer Dennis O'Neil. Trench first showed up … Continue reading Timothy Trench

Karl Craven

Created by Jonathan Latimer (1906-1983) "From the way her buttocks looked under the black silk dress, I knew she’d be good in bed." -- one of the great opening lines in detective fiction. A true hardboiled classic, Jonathan Latimer's Solomon's Vineyard, featuring hard-as-a-rock St. Louis private eye KARL CRAVEN (at least, that's what he claimed … Continue reading Karl Craven

Cardigan (aka “Steve Cardigan” & Jack Cardigan”)

Created by Frederick NebelPseudonyms include Grimes Hill, Lewis Nebel & Eric Lewis(1903-1966) “I said I was sorry, you want me to set it to music?” The award for most appearances by a series character in Dime Detective has to go to prolific pulpster Frederick Nebel's St. Louis private eye JACK CARDIGAN. Starting with "Death Alley" … Continue reading Cardigan (aka “Steve Cardigan” & Jack Cardigan”)

Shadrack Arnold

Created by Verne Chute Pseudonyms include Dustin C. Scott (1917-1986) Twenty-four-year-old Shadrack Arnold was a well-respected man, described in one story as "Granville's number one citizen and model of virtue." It certainly wasn't based on his looks -- he's described as being six foot six, weighing in at 128 pounds and with "stringy yellow hair … Continue reading Shadrack Arnold

North & Shaw (Borealis Investigations)

Created by Gregory Ashe St. Louis private investigators NORTH McKINNEY and KINGSLEY SHAW WILDER ALDRICH, commonly referred to by readers as simply "North and Shaw," are best friends, who run their own small their agency, Borealis Investigations. They're also both gay, but so far, they're just best friends, in this proposed trilogy from Gregory Ashe, which … Continue reading North & Shaw (Borealis Investigations)

Manville Moon

Created by Richard Deming Pseudonyms include Max Franklin, Emily Moor, Ellery Queen (1915-1983) MANVILLE "MANNY" MOON is one of the great series eyes that somehow slipped through the cracks, somewhere between the pulps of the late forties and the he-man crime digests and paperbacks of the fifties. He's tough, honest and handy with the wisecracks, … Continue reading Manville Moon

Edna Pender

Created by Sven Anderton (1893-1958) "By gawd, there ought to be a law against a female being that ugly." -- Sgt. Dan Polcher Sven Anderton's EDNA PENDER was a rough-and-tough female P.I. from the pulps (imagine the ill-bred bastard child of Honey West and Mike Hammer), who appeared in several tales in Famous Detective Stories … Continue reading Edna Pender