Lisa Jamison

Created by Lori Duffy Foster

When she got pregnant at fifteen, single mom LISA JAMISON vowed her daughter Bridget would have a better life than she did, and then set about getting her one.

It took a while, but she cut ties with her own drug-addled parents and Marty, Bridget’s father. Lisa worked her ass off, couch surfing from friend to friend and putting herself through school, to become a well-known–if not always respected–reporter for the online Sun Times, the online paper in Seneca Springs, New York.


Okay, so mother and daughter don’t always see eye to eye, and they’re not exactly living in the lap of luxury (Lisa’s car is a six-year-old Toyota Camry clunker with almost as many miles on it as she has). Still, the two are healthy and more-or-less happy, and Bridget’s an honours student and a star athlete at her high school. So Lisa must have done something right.

But then, in the acclaimed, Shamus-nominated series debut, A Dead Man’s Eyes (2021), Marty, out of her life for years, shows up at the local morgue, apparently shot to death in a meth deal gone wrong. Marty was no angel, but drug dealer isn’t a label Lisa would have ever tag him with, and so she decides to insert herself into the murder investigation–much to the dismay of her friends and local law enforcement. But Lisa–surprise, surprise–perseveres and survives numerous threats to her life, bringing it on home with a kickass conclusion.

So… you’d think she’d learn her lesson, then, right? Leave the crime to the professionals, right?

Especially after she promises Bridget she’ll stay away from the dangerous stories?

Nope. Lisa was soon back, poking around, chasing leads, in the sequel Never Broken (2022), plunging into an apparent  human trafficking ring that ties in with a missing persons story she worked on years earlier.

Which may not be all that great for the mother/daughter relationship, but it looks like it might be the start of a great series for readers. Lisa’s tough and tenacious, and surprisingly resourceful, even if she can be a little reckless, and the author has a knack for balancing totally believable characters with heart-stopping action. Keep an eye on this one, folks.


born and raised in New York State’s Adirondacks, Lori Duffy Foster is a former crime reporter whose short fiction has appeared in the journal Aethlon, and in the anthologies Short Story America and Childhood Regained. Her nonfiction has appeared in Healthy Living, Running Times, Literary Mama, Crimespree and Mountain Home, and she is the author of Raising Identical Twins: The Unique Challenges and Joys of the Early Years. Her debut novel, A Dead Man’s Eyes, which introduced Lisa Jamison, was nominated for a Shamus for Best First PI Novel.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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