Pat Colombo

Created by Pat Colombo
Pseudonym of G. Edward Mulgrue
Other pseudonyms include Peter Cairns

One of the great standalones?

That’s what a few folks have been saying about Throw Back the Little Ones, an obscure little (158 pages) paperback original, published by Avon in 1963.

It follows PATRICK COLOMBO, an American private eye who travels to Rome and ends up taking on a powerful drug ring, and also finds the time to get involved with two women, one an American “with a sexy voice,” and a local femme fatale, a bella giovanetta who could easily “get her hooks in any man.”

Certainly the breathless back cover blurb promises a lot, but whether it holds up or not remains a mystery.

At least to me.


Not much is known about the author—Pat Colombo is obviously an alias. Turns out, according to Hubin, that it was a pen name of G. Edward Mulgrue, whose only mystery was this one. It was subsequently published in the U.K. under Mulgrue’s only known pesudonym, Peter Cairns.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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