Stan Bass

Created by David Anthony
Pseudonym  of William Dale Smith

Southern California professional gambler STAN BASS moonlights as a investigator for a detective agency as a way of covering his gambling habit. Not that he isn’t a real eye, though. He’s as tough and as honest as necessary.

It’s just that he’d rather play cards.

Fortunately for readers, that doesn’t stop him from doing all the expected private eye things of the era, including befriending a Vegas gangster, falling for the wrong woman, and getting in over his head in a complicated scam to rip off the mob.

That kinda thing.


Besides the two Stan Bass novels and another P.I. series featuring Morgan Butler. He also wrote a novel, A Multitude of Men (1959), that’s set in a steel mill, which is where he worked for a time. He also served as a Marine and worked for a while as a private investigator.


  • “Fast-paced mixture of gunplay and sex, against a background of underworld treachery.”
    — Associated Press Newsfeatures on The Organization
  • “A long and complicated detective story develops, but I fear that at 256 pages, it’s too much of the former for its own good. The plot mixes the usual ingredients with some freshness; the writing is only adequate.”
    — Steve Lewis on Stud Game (May-June 1979, MYSTERY FANcier)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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